I Wrote A Poem Today

Lunch Outside

Cricket on the carport
Terrorizing me.
It didn’t know,
My friend, the bird, would see.

Chirp, chirp,
Crunch, Crunch,
Problem solved,
The bird had lunch.

by Constance Barr Corbett


Your Knowing Eyes

Good Morning Blog Readers,

A poem in progress is what this is. I’ve thought for days about how my little dog, who used to look so sad when I’d go out the door to work, still watches me with her loving eyes.

Work was not where I needed to be going, although the money was something I needed. In the last month, I have been declared too sick to work. I did not become too sick in the last month, but if truth be told, I’ve been too sick for awhile.

When I walk my dog and I’m having a hard day, she stops and looks back at me with the same look she gave me when I’d leave for work. It wasn’t her loneliness she worried about as I’d leave . . . it was my health. Dogs sense our health and emotions. Some know us better than we know ourselves.

I wanted to capture her concern in a poem, for poems are how I best express emotions. The following is a rough, very rough draft – first writing, actually, of a poem about how her eyes look(ed) to me.

Watchful Eyes
Each morning as I’d go to work,
You’d look at me and pout.
Your eyes would follow me to the door,
And watch as I went out.

I thought that you were only concerned
That you would be alone.
It’s only since I quit work, I’ve learned,
You wanted me to stay home.

Not for your health, or wealth or care,
I since have realized,
You worried about my health itself,
As you followed me with your eyes.
CBC 5/26/15

IMG_2830 (2)

Writers Digest Magazine

Perhaps in my last post I spoke too soon. While perusing the second issue of Writers Digest Magazine, I found some helpful tips.

I still see many novice ideas and pieces of advice, but I would think they would be necessary for the beginning writer.

I have encountered advertisements for some writing conferences I might enjoy attending.

I’ve read about why, where and how others write.

I guess at my age I would be fairly established in my writing habits and ideas.

I will keep reading the magazine.

Writers Digest Magazine

I’ve recently subscribed to Writers Digest Magazine. I’m thinking now that I’ve gotten two issues that it is more for the novice writer . . . the wanna be writer . . . than for the published writer.

I wonder what magazine would suit my current station in life?

Many of the articles I could have written myself.

Many of the applauded authors I’ve done more than they say they have done.

The courses they offer are courses I’ve taken.

Books they offer . . . I don’t see any I want.

Some of the offers they have in their magazine are so blatantly commercials only for a high priced thing most people don’t need.

There are so many pieces of advice that shouldn’t even have to be given to a writer. The most outlandish one I’ve read in their magazine thus far is “Read every day, Write every day”. Can you show me a successful writer who does NOT do these things, even when not told specifically TO do them? Who needs that advice and still believes themselves to be a writer?

They used to have pages of markets and I sold to many of the markets they listed on those pages. Now that section is gone . . . or is it so small I overlooked it?

Then there’s people who advertise for you to send them what you wrote and they’ll tell you what’s wrong with it and how to fix it. And what are THEIR credentials? I wonder.

The world has certainly changed. Education is getting less and less in America. If we ever have to impress someone by taking a standardized test, we might accomplish that. Otherwise . . . things just seem too simple now.

Passing the Torch?

My youngest son is interested in writing for profit.

He’s a better writer than I am, and I’ve been told I’m excellent.

He’s asking questions and making plans.

It will be interesting to read what he writes. He’s traveled the world and follows his dreams.

I am very proud of him.

He is also my biggest fan.

Maybe I’ll just give him my books on writing and sit back and relax as he types away . . . naw . . . I’ll answer his questions and suggest publishers and books that guide writers, but I won’t hang up my pen yet.

I won’t pass the torch to Anthony. I’ll just use my torch for writing to light his.

Anthony in China (253)


I’ve been writing poems recently and saving them in my poems folder. Tonight as I saved one, I looked at others I’ve written and saved. Some are good; others need more work.

I wonder if children anywhere study the great poets anymore? I mentioned Frost’s poem about stopping by the woods on a snowy night and my own children acted like they’d never heard the poem. I was out walking my dog and had a thought for a poem she might write. It was a Bastardization of Frost’s poem. So I wrote it down and shared it on facebook. My sons liked it, as did a few others. One friend did not like it and said so.

I guess they don’t teach rhyme and rhythm any more? I know when I mention nursery rhymes to children, they act like they never heard them before.

The old classics have a lot of teachable parts to them.

Anyway, I’ve been writing poems lately and hope to publish some of them. The one I’m seeking a publisher for right now is titled “The Vault of My Mind” . . . I wrote it within the last week.

Excuse is Gone

I recently (last week) was told a medical condition I have prevents me from continuing in my job (career).


All those books I’ve worked on for years. All the publishing and creative ideas I’ve had?

I guess my excuses for not doing them are gone.

I cannot spend a lot of time daily on them, but I can spend some time during each week exploring the things I have put off for years.

My son is convinced that God wants me to be a writer. He says if I keep trying to work at a 40 hour or more job, I’m going to end up in a wheelchair where I’ll be forced to sit and write.

I have written a poem this week. I’ve worked on one of my books a couple times.

My mind is twirling because this was not in my plans. I liked my job. I went to school (college/university) six years to develop my expertise.

Well. I’ve taken writing courses as well. I’ve been published. I’ve won awards for my writing.

The poet Frost talked about the road not taken in one of his poems. Perhaps the road taken winds around and brings you back to that fork in the road? Guess it’s time to try the other road.