Kohls, Can You Just Get It Right?

On Sunday, January 31, 2016, I ordered two Panthers Tee Shirts from Kohls online. I paid $19.95 for two day shipping. The shirts themselves cost $55.00. Tax was $5.06. Here, I can copy/paste that info to show you the reason for the $80.01 charge to my card:

Sales Tax$5.06
The shirts were due to arrive on Feb. 3. I had company for Feb 3 and 4 and just this morning checked the tracking number because the shirts had not arrived. The Superbowl, that these shirts were ordered for, is Sunday, Feb. 7.
(Shipping Method
Two Day
Should arrive on Feb 03)
I’ve been communicating with Kohls Customer Service all day. I was as clear as I could be. Here is my email to them:
My order appears to have shipped, but tracking shows it’s been intransit to UPS since Sunday. UPS doesn’t have it. I paid over $18 for two day shipping. I want you to see the mess you’ve made with my order. I am showing that this order has not been shipped when I check the tracking.  Please refund my $80.01 and do it today. When I click on tracking, it shows my order has been in transit to UPS since Sunday. You have packaged it and that’s all. Please cancel this order and refund my money. It will not arrive in time. As the status it now shows, it will not arrive at all. Order# XXXXXXXXX (X’s substituted here for real order number.)  It’s not even in transit. PLEASE CANCEL
Carrier: UPS
Tracking #:___________________ (it was filled in in my email)
and refund my money. You can find the order where ever you’ve put it. UPS has not received it and I ordered it Sunday, Jan. 31. 
Here are various replies I’ve gotten as I ask for the order to be canceled since it won’t get here on time for the Superbowl party and for the money to be refunded to my card. 

“Good day! Regarding your order number XXXXXXXXX with UPS tracking number ____________, we are still waiting for the possibility for it to be shipped by February 15. Most likely, external factors beyond our control may have impacted your shipment’s prompt delivery. Rest assured, we will do everything in our power to fulfill your order.”

If you have yet to receive your purchase by that date, feel free to email us back so that we can further assist you. Have a great day!

Mike S.

Here’s another reply when I ask them again to cancel the non-shipped order and refund my money:

I am sorry for not yet receiving your package from your order number XXXXXXXXX. As a shopper, I know how important it is to receive our package in a timely manner. We are looking at a possibility that your package may be delivered on or before February 15. If the package won’t arrive by then, please reply to this email so I can further assist you. I sincerely apologize for the delay in shipping your order. You may track the shipment’s progress by going to http://www.ups.com and entering your tracking number __________.


Charles D.

I have been a regular Kohls Customer for years. I cannot believe the shoddy Customer Service Dept I’ve dealt with today. I will NEVER order or buy anything from them again. If you are reading this, you might want to rethink any purchases as well, if you plan to shop at Kohls. I’m predicting Kohls will be holding “Going out of Business” sales by December 2016.
(You want to know the real “ass-kicker”? I tried to add one more teeshirt to the order last Sunday since it was costing $8 just for regular shipping for that one. They said since my order was already packed and sent to the shipper I could not add anything, but they would be happy to ship the third teeshirt for the regular shipping cost of over $8. I told them to keep that shirt. And they HAD the other teeshirts there all the time. How much harder to add one more if it’s just sitting there in a box and nowhere close to the shipper?)
Here it what it shows under UPS when I put in the tracking number:

 Order Processed: In Transit to UPS

The shipment has been processed by the sender. Once the shipment is within the UPS network, an expected delivery date will be made available.

Notify me with UpdatesChange Delivery
Label Created On:

I just got this from Andrea at UPS when I emailed them:

Response By Email ( Andrea A. ) ( 02/05/2016 04:10 PM ) U.S. Eastern Standard Time (US EST)
Dear Constance,

Thank you for your e-mail. I understand your concerns regarding the timely delivery of this tee-shirts for the Superbowl.

I have confirmed that UPS received electronic billing information for this tracking number from the shipper on 02/01/16, and selecting a Ground Shipping. However, our tracking system does not show that this package has been physically handed to us.

Our best recommendation is for you to contact the shipper to confirm that your package was sent as scheduled and using this tracking number. If the shipper already has provided you with a new scheduled delivery date, it may be possible that they send it using a different tracking number.

Best regards,

Andrea A.
UPS Customer Support


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